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Just How To Take Gorgeous Images Of One’s Girlfriend

A Pro Photographer’s methods for bringing the very best images Of Your Girlfriend

The idea has about probably crossed the mind at least one time. You may have a girlfriend, partner, or someone that trusts you very closely, and that you know is actually stunning. And of course, you have a camera; so you think, then do a hot photoshoot along with her at your model, whether in underwear or completely topless? The problem gets the pictures to turn aside correctly.

We hit off to Ana Jovmir, a Montreal-based specialist photographer. The Romanian-born Jovmir worked with different models, shot intimate apparel and burlesque performers, in addition to shoots sensuous boudoir sessions with both singles and lovers.

She’s offered us a thorough guide to how a novice with a camera will get the most from their own basic previously beautiful photoshoot due to their girl, from helping put this lady relaxed the fiddling with her digital camera configurations. Visit the following.

Creating Her Feel Safe

You already have a plus here, claims Jovmir. «It’s a tremendously various vibrant than a photographer with a model. It is easier as you currently have an association and that is a plus.»




Professional professional photographers typically use a professional (shock shock) illumination set up, but Jovmir claims it isn’t really 100percent necessary.

During the day


Digital camera Settings



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