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Product Onboarding Ultimate Guide: Steps, Examples & Tips

Canva recognizes that it can’t replace Adobe Creative Suite, and it doesn’t have to in order to retain its customers. By stepping in at this stage, Adobe is giving customers a reason to stay a little longer so the brand can prove its value to them. If you’re a small to mid-sized business , your support team may only consist of a few people. However, as you grow your customer base, service demand might spike and force you to expand the bandwidth of your support team. Hiring is expensive, which is why many businesses turn to technology to supplement their customer service needs.

Five proven strategies for affiliate onboarding

Meeting in person also allows you to strike better deals with your partners. They have experience in affiliate marketing, with proven results, or are actively working as an affiliate. Set up a professional onboarding, and affiliates will stay with you for longer, make more sales, and give you the glowing testimonials you need to sign more top affiliates. Being able to spot the right affiliates and have some flexibility with your affiliate commission is key, which is why AffiliateWP offers so many ways to adjust your commissions. However, it’s no good just having them; you’ve got to market them, and then talk your affiliates through how to use them to their advantage. Every affiliate is out there searching directories trying to find the perfect affiliate product to market.

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins to Add an Affiliate Program

The good news is these people are expert marketers; they’re putting themselves out there every day , so they shouldn’t be hard to find. Think about the places where they’re likely to interact with their target audience and start following them. Have an affiliate account with all relevant information, marketing materials, and effective affiliate creatives ready to go.

  • Customer retention is a metric that businesses use to measure customer loyalty over time and gauge overall success.
  • Focus on customer success to maximize brand loyalty and customer lifetime value.
  • The blogger samples the product or service and then writes a comprehensive review that promotes the brand in a compelling way, driving traffic back to the seller’s site.
  • Regular Feedback and Support – supervisors should provide regular feedback and support to help the new employee be successful.
  • The retailers don’t need to get directly involved beyond offering affiliates the opportunity to sign-up for their programs.
  • Set up a professional onboarding, and affiliates will stay with you for longer, make more sales, and give you the glowing testimonials you need to sign more top affiliates.

Besides, that would help if you offer instant messaging communication through Whatsapp, Skype, or Slack. Affiliates can be pretty impatient when they have issues, and helping them solve them will mean more success and, ultimately, more sales for you. By planning and getting promotions to them well in advance, you’ll see greater uptake from affiliates and better sales results. Contacting affiliates and inviting them to sign up for your program.

Get the #1 Most Powerful WordPress Affiliate Plugin Today

With a high retention rate, you can afford to spend more on your affiliate program, because the customers you gain will come back to purchase more. In contrast, a low retention rate means that you need to constantly acquire more customers to stay profitable in the long run. The best bloggers and social media influencers to partner with are those who engage with your target buyer persona on a regular basis. For example, if you sell digital products, such as design templates or online courses, look for publishers who have a background in design or education. Or, if you sell beauty products, reach out to influencers who regularly post makeup tutorials and reviews.

Five proven strategies for affiliate onboarding

By keeping surveys short and to the point, you can gain valuable insight about your customers. If your product or service is meant to be used by teams, make sure to get as many people on board as early as possible. Choose the right tools for the various areas of your product onboarding flow. Marketers should also be able to create content in a language and format that resonate with the users.

Onboarding Checklists

Having discussions and learning more about their needs will enable you to create win-win offers that drive results for all parties. Any limitations on the affiliate’s ability to promote your goods or services anywhere or in any way. Express your appreciation for the affiliate joining your program and confirm their acceptance into the program. Just as there are some positive traits to look out for when you recruit affiliates, there are also some red flags to avoid. Some of the most effective affiliates are those with large followings of their own. People with a “name” or some kind of industry authority can simply produce more returns.

The best affiliate partners will have an engaged audience aligned with your target market. They’ll have authority and credibility amongst their followers, so their recommendations are trusted. Having your terms and conditions in place is crucial before starting a new affiliate program. By doing this, you can make sure that you and your affiliates are on the same page from away and steer clear of any misunderstandings or any legal problems.

Using a few of these methods regularly should provide your team with ample and relevant customer feedback. Keep your offering relevant and personalized to each individual customer, so the solution given is the most useful for the problems they are facing. They’ll feel more inclined to continue business affiliate onboarding with you because of the attentiveness your business provides. To level up the human approach, have a dedicated customer representative and bring this to focus when talking to complaining customers. Seven out of 10 consumers appreciate having the same representative when interacting with the company.

Five proven strategies for affiliate onboarding

Businesses profit from affiliate sales under this strategy by receiving a commission. The CPA (cost-per-action) and CPS (cost-per-sale) models are two other popular models. The information provided by Growann (“we,” “us” or “our”) on (the “Site”) is for general informational purposes only. Under no circumstance shall we have any liability to you for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of the site or reliance on any information provided on the site.

Here I come up with the five tried-and-tested affiliate marketing tactics to improve your sales strategy. Whatever types of promotions you run, it’s crucial to plan them well in advance and give your affiliates plenty of notice. They need time to schedule blog posts or videos as part of their marketing plan and create high-quality content to promote. When building an affiliate program from scratch, it’s good to look at what your competitors are doing, especially the established players. That’s because they’ve tested many things until they found what works for them. Looking for these characteristics in the affiliates you recruit will increase the success of any activities you do with them.

So the temptation to simply throw a laptop at the newbie and ask them to hit the ground running is very high. I don’t like to have a big staff sitting around, bored,” admits Sharon Goldmacher, president and CEO ofcommunications 21, an Atlanta-based integrated agency. BlueHost, a web hosting platform supporting over two million websites. An advertiser has products they want to sell, and a publisher promotes these products on their own site and earns a commission on every sale. If someone isn’t quite ready to buy a product on your site, make sure there is an easy way to let them opt-in to an email list.

Best Affiliate Onboarding Email Templates & Examples

HubSpot had an experience with this during INBOUND 2018 when an outage we suffered impacted numerous enterprise customers. HubSpot Research found that, in cases of company error, 96% of survey respondents would continue buying from a company they regularly purchased from if they apologized and rectified the situation. So what that means is, you need to develop a plan for the inevitability of a mistake — and a plan for how to solve it promptly, apologize honestly, and move forward to retain your loyal customers. Whether that mistake is a data breach, an outage, a billing error, or something else, a mistake can put you at risk of losing your valued customers — depending on how you handle it. Eliminating a bottleneck, removing a kink in a workflow, or automating a process in a way that no other company can is a strong reason for a customer to commit to your brand.

Offering your pre-existing loyal customers incentives to bring in more is a win-win situation for both your company and their experience. A common shopping place for teenagers to spend their allowances, Five Below is teaching those of us in the business world some valuable lessons about customer retention. If you can manage to change the products you have for sale, you can potentially have customers coming back for the novelty of surprise. If you’re anything like me, you’re obsessed with wallflowers from Bath & Body Works. They smell amazing, they’re usually on sale, and they last much longer than traditional candles do. But I’m willing to bet that the scents, price, and longevity are secondary to the reason the company has kept you as a brand loyal customer for so long.


SHIFT Communicationsprovides a customized training deck for each new hire with a 90-day plan for integrating with agency business. New employees spend the first few days in the office getting an intense overview of their assigned client preferences and needs, and hearing the perspective of creative, technical, and strategic leaders. And it is understood that everyone may be called upon to help a new arrival. “We always have a resource for someone walking around saying, ‘I don’t know how to do this,’” says Kristina Norris, learning and development coordinator at SHIFT. You may decide to review products on review sites, create niche content on a blog or advertise a brand through webinars or online courses.

Build guided experiences that address your audience’s goals and content preferences. Focus on customer success to maximize brand loyalty and customer lifetime value. Use the tips above to create effective product onboarding processes. Product onboarding lets users know what to expect from using your product or service. It also boosts customer relations by providing active support and improving customer success. Whatfix is an all-in-one Digital Adoption Platform for building guided product tours.

Employee Onboarding Software

Encourage more responses by offering incentives in exchange for completing the survey. So you’ve applied the above steps and have successfully gained a steady stream of fresh leads. You’ve covered many of the major growth hacks to maximize the potential of marketing automation, right? Marketing automation technology has steadily become part and parcel of growth hacking strategies for ambitious start-ups who recognize the value of inbound marketing and sales. A versatile hybrid platform that can automate your business’ specific marketing processes without upending your entire business model is invaluable. Adopting a holistic approach to marketing automation could give you an invaluable advantage over your competitors.

Expert opinions on user-centered product management

Using this kind of marketing can help B2B companies contact new clients and broaden their market. To ensure that their affiliate marketing program is as successful as possible, B2B companies should take their target market and the affiliates they choose to work with into careful consideration. B2B affiliate programs may be a useful tool for organizations looking to increase revenue and lead generation. The initiatives provide motivation for companies to advertise a good or service, and they may be an economical marketing tactic. Using affiliate marketing to increase sales and revenue may be quite successful. We will provide you with a thorough introduction to B2B affiliate marketing in this comprehensive book, along with success-oriented advice from industry professionals.

But even partners that seem disengaged at the start can grow into top-performing partners if you help them get back on track. If you haven’t seen any activity from a new partner in the first few weeks, it’s worth reaching out to find out why. To apply the bonus rewards to partners, Teamwork uses the triggers feature of PartnerStack. Triggers are «if-this-then-that» style workflows that help automate your partner program, and works similarly to many marketing automation platforms you might have used already. Five days after joining Teamwork’s partner program, partners receive an email from Nancy setting a clear goal with a bonus incentive for the first 5 trial signups they drive to Teamwork. Teamwork partners can access these resources inside the PartnerStack partner portal whenever they need them.

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