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REST API Testing and Manual Test Cases

As a general rule of thumb, I try to think that something is worth automating if you have to test it at least 10 times. API Testing Approach is a predefined strategy or a method that the QA team will perform in order to conduct the API testing after the build is ready. The API testing approach helps to better understand the functionalities, testing techniques, input parameters and the execution of test cases. Conversely, API testing tools provide user-friendly interfaces with minimal coding requirements that enable less-experienced developers to feasibly deploy the tests.

  • Functionality testing — the API works and does exactly what it’s supposed to do.
  • For instance, teams should tag each test according to its purpose, which makes it easier to execute batches of related tests with a single command.
  • JMeter − It is a widely used open-source tool used for performance testing.
  • Furthermore, the API is interacted with on a uniform interface.
  • This step is essential to avoid getting overwhelmed with all the available information.
  • In this post, I’ll show you three ways you should be testing your REST application.

API usability testing should continue be a manual testing priority, making sure to create a better, simpler, developer experience. API documentation testing — also called discovery testing, the API documentation easily guides the user. Because a unit test does test a unit of code, it’s usually fast, and it always should be. If your unit tests take longer to run, chances are you’re doing something wrong. A unit test would test that function shippingFee() returns 20% of the base price. Let’s take a moment to write a simple unit test for this method usingJest.

API testing and API monitoring share the goal of ensuring that APIs remain reliable and performant, but these processes are typically performed at different stages of the API lifecycle. API testing occurs during development, and its primary purpose is to help teams catch issues before they reach production and impact users. API monitoring may utilize this same testing logic, but it occurs after the API has been deployed to production. API monitoring also involves gathering and visualizing API telemetry data, which teams can use to perform historical analysis and surface long-term performance trends.

Transitioning from Manual to Automation Testing in 2023

Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. It can be used for both automated and exploratory testing. It has the feature to create a collection of REST calls and save it. A tool or a framework to operate the API such as Advanced REST Client, Postman REST Client, or Curl in Linux.

Why should you test REST API

This application would allow users to browse products and place orders. Usually, an e-commerce app is composed of many modules and components, like catalog service, cart service, payment service, and a data store. These all rely on our APIs passing expected and sane data. The ability to record your actions and generate api testing best practices a programmatic test script that can be executed automatically for regression and API testing. If possible, the tools should provide a way to convert the request and responses into software “objects” that make dealing with the data easier. Functional testing ensures the API performs exactly as it is supposed to.

Has more than 10 years of experience in the testing and test automation field. In the text box, we will select the server_response parameter which contains the original asteroid ID. Now, let’s run this step as part of our test to create a correct URL.

Free APIs for Testing

For the statuses 404 and 304, we don’t have any expectations regarding the payload. To call the POST endpoint to create data is an alternative as well. Second, the POST request may fail due different reasons and, for the GET test perspective, it doesn’t matter if POST is working or not. The kind of integration tests this story is about are the ones to be executed both on the dev machine, and in the CI/CD pipeline.

Why should you test REST API

In simple language, one can say that this allows the requesting system to access web resources by using a uniform and predefined set of rules. It is built on a client-server paradigm, with stateless and suitable communication. It is not a protocol or a standard, but a set of architectural constraints. The article focuses on discussing REST API testing and manual test cases. It’s crucial for teams to perform API testing in a dedicated environment before they push changes to production. This approach enables them to contain any issues and avoid user-facing downtime.

For the sample application, it is configured before running testcases, using the Kotest ProjectConfig class. You want to be sure that your system performance scales according to the changing load. To do so, increase the number of incoming requests and monitor whether it causes a proportional increase in response time. Testing makes sure that an API can respond to requests of specific sizes, or can respond to clients quickly enough to satisfy system requirements. Performance testing may time how long it takes for a request to receive a response. It is a part of integration testing that determines whether the APIs meet the testers’ expectations of functionality, reliability, performance, and security.

If you’re looking for an quick and easy manual testing experience, try out the new tool from our friends over at Swagger, Swagger Inspector. It’s a super easy to use testing tool that you can use right in your browser. You can start combining your application data with your API tests to ensure that the API performs as expected against possible known input configurations. It’s a test performed to ascertain that an app runs as expected and meets the system requirements.

TestCafe includes a comprehensive set of server-side API testing tools. You can add dedicated API tests to your test suite, or include API testing methods in existing functional tests. I have been a black box tester for the major part of my career.

In a testing project, there are always some APIs that are simple with only one or two inputs such as login API, get token API, health check API, etc. However, these APIs are necessary and are considered as the “gate” to enter further APIs. Focusing on these APIs before the others will ensure that the API servers, environment, and authentication work properly. The most common API output you need to verify in API testing is the response status code. Knowing the purpose of the API will set a firm foundation for you to well prepare your API testing data for input and output.

Testing set-up process

Teams can use a variety of tools to create test suites and schedule executions to occur at specific times, at specific frequencies, or in CI/CD pipelines after every commit or push. This strategy treats APIs as crucial infrastructure components, which makes API quality a top priority. I hope you now have a broad overview of REST API testing and the different approaches to it.

Why should you test REST API

It’s a free open-source tool with custom scripting functionalities that require advanced programming skills. REST Assured is a Java library for creating a REST API testing tool script. So, to get started with it, you’ll have to set up a new Java project first, and then include it as a library for your project. Its documentation is stored inside the GitHub repository. REST Assured is the best fit for functional testing of REST API services and it requires strong coding skills to create tests.

API Monitoring

This can be solved by sending numerous requests and trying to diversify the data in as many creative ways as possible to solve a potentially large number of security vulnerabilities. The inclusion of API tests or checks significantly increases your test coverage, and allows you test your application’s server-side components right alongside its client side. This article first explores the approach to effectively test REST APIs, covering the typical test cases for API testing. We would then take a look at both manual and automation techniques to test REST APIs. At the end, I would share my experiences with API testing and my thoughts on how should a novice gain confidence in the same.

He works well with Serverless, Docker, Git, Laravel, Symfony, Lumen, and Vue.js. A UI test for our e-commerce app could verify that users can access the homepage and, within a certain amount of time, click on a link to view a product. Now that we’ve seen what a unit test should be and how to write it, it’s also essential that you test that your code still works after integrating with other components. Nobody knows, and this why you should also write integration tests. If you look at the code above, we’re not testing the PriceCalculator behavior with respect to other services in the application. Nor are we testing the entire module; we’re testing a unit of work independent of other modules.

If it returns the correct HTTP response code, but the actual balance being returned for user is of previous month, the business logic of this API is broken. In order to effectively test an API, the tester should first determine the functional scope of the API. Next the test environment should be set up with proper configuration of servers, databases and every resource the API interacts with.

A tool that supports all testing types would be an ideal choice so that your test objects and test scripts can be shared across all layers. During validation testing we need to ensure that the software meets the business requirements. The testers need to evaluate if the test execution results match what is expected and required by the test plan. Unit testing are tests that are written to automatically run with every build of the application. They are written close to the code and should pass when running a build of the application. What type of code coverage is required for the APIs depends on the risk the API carries and what functionalities it holds.

Best Google APIs to Enhance Your Web App

Remember to test the entire customer journey when using them, from logging in to authentication and purchase. Many developers use this tool, which means it provides access to sensitive functions and data. It’s crucial to run authorization and security checks to enable safe transactions for your clients. The goal of testing REST API is to check individual functions.

Enhancing Security Through Automated REST API Test Tools

We don’t test third-party APIs, but we can test the way our software accepts their requests. RapidAPI Testing wants to integrate your existing APIs with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. There’s plenty to explore with RapidAPI Testing so make sure you take a look at the documentation as well. RapidAPI Testing is a cloud-based API testing tool that allows you to create comprehensive API tests .

Send HTTP Requests

And when testing the business logic I could test the logic itself with objects and their different edge cases. Runtime error detection – Monitoring an application the execution of automated or manual tests to expose problems such as race conditions, exceptions, and resource leaks. After determining the scope of the Rest API Testing, the application environment can be prepared. For small applications, it is recommended to use a standard test environment.

Challenges in API Testing

He is well versed in NodeJS, React, Django, Python, MongoDB, third-party APIs (i.e Sendgrid, Stripe), PostgreSQL, HTML5, CSS3, and cloud-computing resources. When determining what to test with an API, it’s helpful to understand the different categories of tests. When testing APIs, test cases can be designed for each endpoint or a group of endpoints that are designed to work together (i.e a functional flow like logging in). Object mapping to leverage the power of programming language. Specify input with minimum required fields and with maximum fields.

API testing is frequently automated and used by DevOps, QA and development teams for continuous testing practices. And cover all relevant parameter combinations is a tough nut. Manual testing is often too time-consuming and tends to neglect edge cases and vulnerabilities that stem from the communication between services. If they are not validated properly, issues such as wrong string/data types and parameter data outside the predefined value range can come up. API tests are also faster to run and more isolated than UI tests, which makes it quicker and easier to identify and resolve bugs.

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